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The Best Furniture Hoist in London & Brighton

Over the years our company have observed an urgency for creating risk-free and economical options for transporting furniture from high floor apartments, buildings and so on when faced with issues such as occupants wishing to move house or from an office block or the removal of unwanted items.

We have three different types of external elevators for hoisting goods, furniture and equipment to height; this is a quick, efficient and economical way to hoist up a known quantity during a delivery or move.

We are a furniture and construction external lifting company with offices in London and the South East. We offer a variety of external hoisting systems for elevating goods and furniture to height, in a quick, efficient and economic way. Working alongside individuals and companies, we assist with the movement of bulky or heavy items, both into and onto awkward spaces.

Here in London, tall buildings dominate the urban landscape. From contemporary, inner-city developments and apartment buildings to office blocks and Regency townhouses, London has it all. While they form an impressive part of the city's skyline, problems can arise when manoeuvring furniture and goods during removals, renovations and construction. That's where High Reach Systems step in.

With over 500 tall buildings in the pipeline to be built in London alone, with 115 already under construction, and with the potential to create over 100,000 homes at height, there has never been a greater need for an easy and efficient furniture hoisting company to serve the city.


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